How To Become a Security Guard In Edmonton

How To Become a Security Guard In Edmonton

Last Updated on November 7, 2023

If you wish to work as a security guard in Edmonton you require a licence from the provincial government. As you will read below, this is not a difficult process as long as you complete the steps and meet the requirements for licensing listed below.


The government legislation requires you to complete these 4 steps:

Additionally, you need to meet these requirements:

  • Be over 18 years of age
  • Have no criminal record, outstanding criminal charges; not be the subject of a criminal investigation
  • Not be a current member of the police service, a sheriff, bailiff, a collection agency or debt collector
  • Be fluent in English
  • Be legally able to work in Canada

NOTE: You may also be exempt from training if you’ve previously worked in law enforcement or have completed equivalent training outside Alberta. Contact Security Programs to inquire.

Application Process

When you have successfully completed your exam, you can apply for a licence by mail or in person at a registry agent that offers Security Programs licensing services.

You must submit payment or proof of online payment with your application. The Ministry security service licensing fee is $100.

To apply for a new licence:

  • Read the instructions for application available here
  • Have a passport-sized photo taken (see application for detailed requirements)
  • Bring identification (ID) to your local police station and request an Employment Police Information Check. The check must include the following three searches:
    • CPIC
    • Vulnerable Sector
    • Local Database
  • Have the back of your photo signed at the police station
  • Fill out the Application for Individual Licence on a computer or by printing it out. The application must include:
    • photocopies of your Canadian photo ID (see application for required ID);
    • approved training course exam certificate;
    • police information and criminal record check;
    • photo signed on the back by the police service.
  • Choose your payment method: online, in person at the registry, or with your mailed application.
    • If paying online, credit and debit is available. You must print and attach the receipt to your application.
    • If paying in person at the registry, a $9 service charge will be added to the fee.
    • If paying by mail, include a certified business cheque, certified personal cheque, money order or bank draft for $100 made out to the Government of Alberta. Or, attach your printed receipt if you paid online.
  • Submit your application at one of the registries or by mail. The mailing address is:

Security Programs
Alberta Justice and Solicitor General
PO Box 1023 Station Main
Edmonton, AB T5J 2M1

The Ministry will return your application if anything is missing or if it cannot be read. You must re-submit your complete, legible application before the police documents expire. 

If your application is approved, you’ll receive a temporary 60-day licence by email. The Ministry will mail your licence card to the address you provided.

Detailed instructions for applying and the application form can be found online here.

After you have received your Alberta Security Guard Licence you are now able to look for work as a security guard in Edmonton or anywhere else in the province.

You will need to supply your employer a photocopy of your licence for their files. While you are on duty you need to always carry your licence as you must show your card when requested.

Your new Alberta security guard licence is valid for two years.

NOTE: If you have a work permit, the licence expiry date will be adjusted to match your permit expiry.

It is your responsibility to maintain a valid security services licence while employed in the field.

To maintain your licence in good standing you must adhere to the Alberta Security Services and Investigators Act, 2008 and its regulations.