Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Awareness Training Course

This Personal Protective Equipment Awareness (PPE) course (PPE awareness training) trains employees to meet legislative requirements for new staff orientation or refresher training.

This course is excellent for toolbox and safety meetings, to reinforce the importance of proper selection, use, and maintenance of PPE.

Security Guards are being tasked more and more with enforcing PPE compliance as well as understanding their own safety awareness.

If an organization’s hazard assessment process indicates the need for personal protective equipment, an employer must ensure that:

(a) workers wear personal protective equipment that is correct for the hazard and protects workers,

(b) workers properly use and wear the personal protective equipment,

(c) the personal protective equipment is in a condition to perform the function for which it was designed,

(d) workers are trained in the correct use, care, limitations and assigned maintenance of the personal protective equipment.

Alberta OH&S Code Part 18,  

Enhance your onsite practical training with our PPE Awareness course to help you meet the requirements of the legislation – as well as give you peace of mind that they have been given adequate information on the safe use, selection and maintenance of their PPE.

Course content includes animated scenarios, expert character guideposts, interactive learning exercises, competency quiz questions, a full glossary and toolbox of regulations, codes, guides, downloadable sample documents and also a defensible final exam.

Upon successful completion students will be issued a training certificate valid for three (3) years.

This Personal Protective Equipment Awareness Course Outline

  • Introduction to PPE
  • Types of PPE
  • PPE Procedures