Alberta Security Licence Training Online

Alberta Security Licence Training Online

Last Updated on November 7, 2023

Why E-Learning Is The Key To Success

You’ve decided to take security guard training to get your Alberta security license and may be concerned about the commitment to finishing a 40-hour long course and fitting it into your daily life.

That’s where online security guard courses, such as our online Alberta security training course (online ABST) can help you meet your goals, pass your exam and get your security license in a way that suits your lifestyle.

There are many benefits to taking security training online and to e-learning in general. Read on to learn more.

How Effective Is Online Training?

Studies show that when you compare online training vs. classroom training and the methods typically used in each, e-learning comes out on top!

E-Learning professionals can take your training to the next level, by applying best practices based on research to maximize learning.

The most important part of your online security guard training is that your course is provided by an SSIA-approved provider in Alberta and is created by security professionals.

Our courses meet these requirements and are conveniently offered online at competitive prices.

What Are The Benefits To E-Learning?

There are many benefits to e-learning vs. in-person conventional classroom training.

Online security training or online private investigator training is an effective way to prepare for your exam and get your security license as it allows you to learn in an environment where you are most comfortable.

Learning at home or in a relaxed setting allows for better focus as learners can choose the times when they will have the least distraction to learn.

In a classroom situation if you are feeling unwell you may still attend and not fully retain the information or have to miss the class altogether.

Another issue may be, that time spent being social in class may take away from hearing the instructor and you may miss out on valuable information. 

What Are The Benefits Of Online Security Training?

Benefits of online security guard training include:

  • Flexibility
  • Accessible and convenient
  • Save time and money – no travel
  • Can finish at your own pace
  • Improved confidence/motivation

We’ve explained how these benefits can be helpful to you below.


In-person courses take place on set days at set times, and may not suit your schedule. This means you may not be able to take the courses you want, or you might miss out on material if you’re unavailable on certain days the class falls on.

With online security training, you never have to worry about missing out on a course you want to take. The start and end dates are completely up to you so you never have to worry about missing a class because you couldn’t get there.

You don’t have to adjust your schedule to take the course.


Online learning offers 24/7 access to course materials.

Through e-learning with our online Alberta security training (ABST), you can revisit modules and review lessons at any time day or night.

If you have a break during the day you can visit a module for a few minutes to review material or take time to complete a module all at once. It’s up to you. Learn from anywhere at any time.

Have extra time during your commute – take a security quiz.

Have a break during the day – review your online security course.

Don’t live near a major city where courses are offered?

It doesn’t matter!

If you live anywhere in Alberta you can take your online ABST course even if you’re currently residing outside of major urban centres. 

Save time and Money

Significant time commitments required of in-person training are eliminated through online security guard training courses.

There are no hours spent in a classroom or commuting to and from the class, which saves time and money. The time you do have can be spent learning when you are ready.

Go at your own pace

Everyone learns differently. Unlike a classroom setting where students are expected to progress through the course at the same speed, e-learning with our online ABST course allows learners to progress at their own pace.

Unlike classroom learning, you can review material until you are confident you know it well and are ready to move on. This gives you an advantage when it comes time to take your exam and apply for your online security license.

Or if you have completed a module quickly you can move on without waiting for an instructor or the rest of the class to catch up and complete your course faster.

Improved Confidence/Motivation

E-learning modules are ideal for those who get anxious in a classroom setting or may feel inadequate if called upon before having a chance to review material.

Getting to know and understand modules at your own pace without comparing yourself to others and being able to take the exam when you feel you are truly prepared, builds confidence and increases success.

Having the privacy to complete your modules at a pace you are comfortable with, and not worry about being judged when you don’t remember something the first time can be the difference between being motivated to complete a course or dropping it all together.

In order to apply for your online security license and get a security job, you must complete the online Alberta security license training in full first.

Knowing you can do this without fear of judgment or failure sets you up for success!

Is online training as effective as traditional in-class training?

Yes, in fact, e-learning has shown improved recall of course information. Often when taking a course in person, an exam will immediately follow the completion of a unit when that material is still fresh in one’s mind.

The exam marks won’t necessarily reflect what a student has learned.

In e-learning through online security training, course modules can be completed in smaller chunks of time allowing for better retention of all material, not just the information recently taught.

If you are tired or having trouble focusing you are not forced to try and follow along as in a classroom setting. You can simply revisit the module at a better time. 

With e-learning, each time the learner revisits a module from the course he/she must recall the material from the previous visit.

This is called spaced repetition and according to educational journals, studies reveal this method of learning results in better overall recall and memory of information.

This means with e-learning through online security training; the graduate is much more likely to remember course material after taking their exam and applying for their online security license.

Having the practical knowledge in front of your mind when it’s time to get a job will show you are the right employee for the position and will keep you safe on the job.

Are you ready to work as a security professional?

Take your online security training with our ministry-approved online Alberta security license course, (online ABST) and experience the benefits of e-learning today!