First Aid Training (Edmonton) For Security Guards
Last Updated on January 13, 2024

Please note that this is an IN-PERSON first-aid training course offered in Edmonton.

No question that being a security guard can be a dangerous profession. Having specific first aid training for security guards is one of the most important skills a security professional can obtain.

Consider these questions?

  • What would you do if you, your partner, a member of the public or the person in your duty of care had a gunshot or stab wound?
  • If they were overdosing on opioids from an accidental exposure?
  • Would you be able to recognize what was going on?
  • Would you know what to do until medical professionals arrive?

Enforcement and security professionals are often grossly under-prepared to handle these emergencies and are in a high likelihood of being exposed to them.

Knowing a few critical skills could give the victim several extra minutes to save their life until EMS arrives.

First Aid Training For Security Guards

Tactical First Aid is a certificate safety training course taught by the Canadian College of Emergency Medical Services (CCEMS) in partnership with Tip of Spear. 

This First Aid Training For Security Guards is a workplace first aid one-day program broken into two half-day (3.5 hours) courses:

  1. Stop the Bleed and
  2. Narcan Administration

This hands-on course covers two main areas of both didactic and practical content.

First Aid Training For Security Guards is designed specifically to increase awareness, prevention, mitigation, and primary first aid care when it may occur. It is not intended to replace professional medical care.

The course includes student manuals, a no-fail knowledge check, and a certificate which is valid for 2 years.

Please note that this is an IN-PERSON first aid
training course offered in Edmonton.

First Aid Training Edmonton Course Contents

Stop the Bleed Program

First Aid Training For Security Guards - Stop The Bleed

This course was created by the US Government and US Military as a way of reducing mortality and morbidity from severe blood loss (exsanguination) from Civilian acts of terror such as active shooter events. It is administered by the American College of Surgeons – Committee on Trauma (ACS-COT).

This course focuses on self-care and buddy-care techniques to control severe bleeding such as direct pressure, hemostatic (clotting) agents, and the use of tourniquets such as the widely available CAT device sold Canada-wide (under license with CTOMS based in Edmonton). We at CCEMS are authorized to teach this program with the ACS-COT and will provide course certificates from the ACS-COT for the successful completion of this course

Narcan Administration Provider – Opioid Recognition and Response

First Aid Training For Security Guards - Narcan Administration Provider

CCEMS created this course specifically for the City of Edmonton to provide awareness, risk mitigation in the light of opioids, and the necessary steps to self-care and buddy-care when confronted with, and potentially exposed to opioids (primarily synthetic opioids such as Fentanyl, which is currently responsible for 94% of opioid death in Alberta).

The course focuses on creating awareness of the risks of opioid exposure in arrests, and in the resuscitation of overdose victims. PPE is discussed in detail. The use of nasal Narcan is the primary focus when it comes to resuscitation, in combination with the recovery position, use of bag-valve-mask devices, and CPR. CCEMS will issue a certificate for the successful completion of this course.

*Disclaimer: Alberta Guard Training is a marketer of this course only. 

About Canadian College of EMS

The First Aid Training For Security Guards – Tactical First Aid course is taught by a certified instructor with the Canadian College of EMS. They both worked as security guards for several years before transitioning into the EMS field and have now worked many years as instructors for the College. Their background and experience make them the perfect person to teach this course as they have used these skills themselves when they were on the job.

​The Canadian College of Emergency Medical Services (CCEMS) has been providing training, education, consultation & medical personnel for local and international clients since 1988. They are an independent and private provider of First Aid & CPR training with approval from Alberta Occupational Health & Safety. They are also proud to provide numerous advanced training programs through their college. For more information, please visit: