Conflict Avoidance and Violence Prevention Course

This Conflict Avoidance and Violence Prevention online training course focuses on identifying the sources of conflict and dealing with them before they escalate as well as signs of imminent violence.

Security Guards will immediately benefit from completing this training as they are constantly engaged with the public. 

By improving your communication skills you can improve safety for all participants which lead to better outcomes.

Certificate will be emailed upon completion.

Course Access Time

You will have full access to this course for 6 weeks from the date of registration.
A 1-time free extension of 3 weeks is available (if needed).
An additional extension of 2 weeks is available at $75.

Who should register

This is an online, Conflict Prevention course for frontline, customer facing employees. While conflicts occur every day in these professions, the key is not to avoid them necessarily as much it is to learn how to prevent them in the first place.

Violence in various forms often accompany conflicts. “Avoiding” conflicts can be perceived as not dealing with an issue or “sweeping it under the rug” only to fester and come up again and again.

Conflict Prevention, and ultimately Pro-active Violence Prevention focuses on the soft skills of communications, understanding emotional driven behaviour, and being a good listener while being cognizant of Officer Safety and Situational Awareness issues.

Why take this course

  • Fulfill mandatory requirements of Workplace Violence Prevention policy for accredited training.
  • Add Violence Prevention Training to your resume
  • Improve job prospects with this training in hand
  • Complete the training at your own pace
  • Assistance is available from Subject Matter Experts via email

Conflict Avoidance and Violence Prevention Course Outline

  • Conflict Avoidance and Violence Prevention – An Introduction
    • Conflict Avoidance or Conflict/Violence Prevention?
  • Conflict Avoidance Module One
    • Conflict Avoidance – Effective Communications
    • Perceptions vs Intentions
  • Conflict Avoidance Module Two
    • Understanding Mental illness and Cognitive Impairment
    • Emotional Intelligence and Managing Emotionally Imbued Behaviour
  • Conflict Avoidance Module Three
    • Situational Awareness and Proactive Violence Prevention
  • Officer Safety Case Study
    • Ron Lazenby Case Study
    • Assignment
  • Conflict Avoidance and Conflict/Violence Prevention Quiz
  • Course Completion